Front Porch, Flowers, Quilting and A Place To Call Home!

Warm days, not much lounging on the front porch!   Huge, isn't it?! Pretty pink flowers!
A vignette on our veranda.   A peaceful afternoon on lower patio---waiting for a Hummingbird to fly in for a drink!  Deanna, Kathie, Martha and others quilting at our Church. We quilt every Wednesday from 9 to 12... This antique 1930's quilt is on the frame rack and ready to quilt.  Love creating small quilts for the table frames. Almost finished working on the house block for the frame.
We have been watching a TV show that is on Acorn ( TV.) It takes place in the 1930's-- rural New South Wales in Australia---so well written and the actors are wonderful. It is very fast paced and exciting! Gene likes it too! I'm sure you can rent at a video store or check it out from the Library. If you Google (Trailer A Place To Call Home/ season 1 ) you might get hooked :)
Hope you all are having a great summer!
Hug's, Carolyn

Happy Mother's Day!

Special flowers for you!
"Virginia" and me she was my best friend!

Have a "GREAT DAY"--- Hug's, Carolyn

Surprise From Across The Pond!

A few days ago I received a package from a special long distance friend  from the Netherlands, Chris Jones.  A few months ago I sent a little package to her and included a watercolor card I painted of two ladies, Chris and Carolyn! Here we, are as if together, enjoying our wonderful friendship!
In the package was a precious applique little quilt "Chris" created as a reminder of the watercolor card I painted for her.  Every stitch is full of perfection and detail! 
Attached, on the backside of the quilt is a special label she created! 
The three little buttons came from old sewing pieces of fabric from around 1920 that her mother made at the Industrial School (a kind of housekeeping school). The little pieces of tatting and lace are also from that time.  Thank you "Chris" for the special quilt which I will treasure with along our special long distance friendship xoxo!

It all started with our International Siggy Swap in 2010
hosted by Marga Pieper. …



Gene and Carolyn became engaged February 14, 1964.

Embroidery of our family.

Happy Valentines Day!!!
xoxox, Carolyn

February 14th Is In Five Days!!

Are you creating something special for  "Valentines Day"?

I'm working on it...with "Sudie's help!!!
I will return on the 14th, hope to see you then.
xoxo, Carolyn

My Sewing Space!

Recently, Carol McGarvey (contributor writer for Welcome Home Magazine) wrote an article featuring  my sewing space! If you click on the link above it will take you to their site. Then, click on the Welcome Home (header) and scroll to features on the right side----click on the title:  WORK OF HER HANDS   Carol McGarvey and Ben Lochard (photographer) are a special team. We had so much fun! 

Don't forget mailing your VALENTINES!!! 
XOXOXO, Carolyn