A Little Of This & That!!

This small quilt is a Kathleen Tracy design "Crosses Morning" from one of her books titled "Prairie Children and Their Quilts". It's in the works as I am quilting it now-----this is one of my U.F.O.'s!

Check out Kathleen Tracy's blog post which she wrote, when Marge Pearson, Linda Meyers and I attended a "Cabin Fever" retreat in 2012 at the Grout Museum, Waterloo, Iowa. We had a great time! 
Click on this link.

Finished and mailed 40 "Star" reproduction (civil War) blocks. Barb Vedder, quilt maker, designer, teacher and blogger is hostess of "The Star Swap 2020".
   Check out her Star Swap 2020 for tutorial.
Looking forward to receiving 40 blocks from other swappers.

Up for making the new "Farmhouse Love" which my friend Karen Walker designed?
Karen, is a pattern designer, lecture and has trunkshows.  She has many wonderful designs. Check out her post.

This is what I prepared for our dinner last night! .....before the football games!!
Step# 2&3
Step# 4
Step #5
Step # 6
Recipe for you. NOTE: change cooking time to 1 hour and 15 minutes.

The Kansas City Chief's .....WON!!! Yipee! Great game.

Have a great week!
Hug's, Carolyn 


  1. Star designs have always made a hit with me. Especially the more simple Sawtooth design.

    1. Hi Karen, Thank you for visiting my blog! I think you are in the same star swap. Looking forward to the 40 blocks that I will be receiving. Then I will have to put my thinking cap on to create something with them.

      I am attendimg a retreat this weekend --and will be fun sharing with the rest of the gals projects they will bring...I'm sure there will be lot's of treats too!

  2. Oooh! I love the little quilt you've got in the hoop! Kathleen Tracy is such a great designer--and I adore the quilts she shares in "Prairie Children and Their Quilts"! Your dinner looks pretty scrumptious. You can't really go wrong with a Julia Child recipe! I was cheering for LSU last night; we're both winners!! :)

  3. Hi Carolyn! Thanks so very much for sharing Farmhouse Love on your blog! You are the best!!


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