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It' Beginning To Look Like Christmas!

It' a snowy and cold day here in Iowa. But the sun is shining and the snow glistens!
And it's cozy inside. 
I've got a pot of vegetable, beef and barley soup cooking on the stove and waiting for the dinner rolls to raise and bake in the oven, perfect for a chilly nights dinner!      Just received my Christmas quilt back from long-arm quilter "Diane Raush"... she enhanced all the block appliques and it just pops. I am so pleased with this fun quilt...and just in time for "Christmas!" Thank you Diane!

Wool table mat with special vignettes on top.
 Our dinning room table will soon be set for "Christmas Eve" dinner with our family! Every one has a special seating spot.
 "Merry Christmas" to you dear friends ...

  God Bless You and your Families!
Hug's, Carolyn

Market to Market!

It's that time of the year for the "HOLIDAY MARKET" 

Lot's of vendors, over 50!!!
"Marcie's" topper! and her "beautiful" houses!. My Santa's,  water color cards, . applique aprons, kitchen towels, note book covers, Christmas ornaments and table toppers.  
"Carol's"  applique snowman coffee mug creations and coffee mat's.
"Santa", will be there too!

Gotta go and put the finishing touches on my offerings, pack up and get ready for Friday and Saturday's Holiday Market 2016!  
Hug's Carolyn

Gobble, Gobble!!!!

Turkey talk "translated", HAPPY THANKSGIVING to you and your families! 

XOXOXO, Carolyn

Hand Quilting with Friends and Antique Photos Women Quilting!

I quilt with friends every Wednesday from 9 till 12. We start by sharing quilting projects, visiting, laughter, and of course, quilting!   We have two quilting racks. About 12 attend every week. Our ages range from 33 to 96!  We break at 10:00 for treats! Then, back to work!   When home, I quilt while we  watch baseball or football!    This is what I'm working on now.  Sharing a few photos of quilters of the past.   She looks cozy in her living room...  and, she is on a mission... From quilting to knitting??   Wonder what she is thinking of Maybe, something special, don't you think!!
Hope you are having fun with your quilting projects!
Hug's, Carolyn

Gearing Up For Halloween

We are enjoying Iowa's beautiful fall colors. View of the Red Maple from our front porch!    Went on a short road trip and found a few more pumpkins.  Just about ready to take the fern inside. It won't be able to survive the colder weather. 
Is Hazel the Witch scary enough----- or not? 
or how about her?
This Scare Crow doesn't look too scary ------ does he? Getting ready to fill the treat basket for the visitor's on Sunday night!  I've been working on this fun wool applique table mat. I have a few more stitches to do and then will be finished.   Chester wishes you all a Happy Halloween...."BOO". Me too!!!! Carolyn

Fun Begins With Fall!!!

Chester get's perked up-- fresh paint job with help from my friend,"Carol".
It's this time of the year, crisp fall days and decorating with mums, pumpkin's and gourds.  Love the bumps and lumps on pumpkins!
Finished  my Jacobs Ladder quilt, Just received it back from the long arm quilter..
Diane did great work. I'm so pleased with the special quilting she did around the prairie points! 

 "Hello!" This visitor was  posing for me----  I snapped a picture of her peeking over the wall of our lower patio!  "Huge snapping turtle", right! 
I told you she was huge. She later strolled over to the neighbors--- dug a big hole under a tree and laid eggs. Who knows, maybe we will have little turtles some day!    
Just finished machine appliqueing "Festival of Trees" quilt.

"Abbie"--trying to hide in my sewing room!

Hope you are enjoying the all festivities that start this time of year!!