Update Sewing Projects!

I have been working on hand quilting this large quilt for 3 years, I'm finished!!
Close up view of quilting....resting my fingers before starting another hand quilting project♥️!
Placed it on a chair in our guest bedroom...cozy spot to sip some tea and read a good book.
Meet Miss Emmie!
Gave her a sewing basket full of goodies maybe she can sew a little something for her bear.....may she might need a little help!


Robin's have arrived in "Iowa".
Hope you all are experiencing the beautiful Spring weather. 


  1. Your quilt is beautiful! I love the blue you used and I love scrappy quilts. Even if it took three years to quilt, it was well worth the effort. You have a treasure there!

    1. Hi Marsha,
      Thank tou fkr taking the time to visit leave me your sweet comment. I am pleased as how the quilt turned out even though it took me 3 years! I have not blogged much as I have had problems blogging. A Geek Agent was here yesterday and everthing is good now and then he showed me how to post using my Tablet...so much easier than the computer. So hopefully I can start posting on a more regular basis! Thanks again for stopping by!! Hug's, Carolyn

  2. The quilting is very pretty. I don't do much hand quilting any more as it is so hard for me to baste a quilt. I well appreciate anyone who still takes time to do it.

    1. Hi Karen, Thanks for your comment! I am glad that this hand stitched project is finished! Love all your wonderful projects you are a great inspiration for me! Thanks again for stopping by.

      Hope all is good with you!! Hug's, Carolyn

    2. Hi Karen, Thanks for viewing my post and leaving me your comment...I happy that this hand quilting is a finish. Usually it don't do this hand quilting on large quilts..mostly make smaller quilts. All your projects are wonderful, you are an inspiration love your applique work!
      Hope you are having a great weekend !

      Hug's, Carolyn

  3. Beautiful job on the quilting--I like the finish. It is a very inviting quilt.
    Miss Emmie is darling. :)
    Good to see a post from you Carolyn!

    1. Thank you Janet, Thankfully I can post alitlle more regular as Geek Agent helped me with blogger! It's good to be back..I always am inspired visiting you and my blog friends!!
      Hug's, Carolyn

  4. Here are some links you might like to visit in prep for you program. You may know of these, but just in case.






    Some of the links on this site no longer work but several do.


    Good luck!

  5. I love 9 patch quilts! So many ways to put them together and all so pleasing! Your blue really sets off this quilt. Hand quilting---what an accomplishment and heirloom.


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