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Miss Sudie has a new quilt!

As a child growing up I loved playing with dolls, paper dolls and my doll house--- ( made out of card board created by me) you can imagine what it looked like! We didn't have glue guns, Elmer's glue or scotch tape in those days. I probably used cement glue and worked for hours trying to hold it together! It certainly wasn't precise--- but the little dollies inside didn't mind at all! I still have 2 of the celluloid dolls from the 50's. I would make little dresses for them, out of scraps of fabric and then store them in pretend dresser  which were my grandmother's small empty pill boxes! Today--- I still play with the dolls in a more "grown-up" way by making primitive and prairie dolls, then arranging them on a doll quilt which I made  for their doll bed.  I love to create vignettes---- as if the dolls would be playing among themselves or having a tea party! I have them displayed inside a pie safe cabinet in my sewing room. I finished the nine pat