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A Sunny Snowy Day!

    What to do on a snowy day -- bake cookies, make beef stew, sew, quilt, create Santa's or.......    Play outside and make " Snow Angel's"?    Looks too cold.... think I will stay inside and sip hot chocolate!   I started creating "Santa's" for next December's "Market on 39th Street" that I was involved in last year. Today was a great day to be inside-- toasty warm creating more Santa's! I just put the finishing touches on this little guy-- he wishes you an early  "Happy Valentines Day"! Few more close-up pictures of these jolly guys. The faces of these Santa's have taken on their own personalities-- I loved making clothes for them. Click on the pictures for a close-up. I've had fun collecting twigs for them to carry....but I will have to wait till it warms up, as for now, they are under the snow :(! This is the "Santa" group....they keep growing! Hope you all