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"Chicken" quilting bag, fresh eggs, rhubarb and dear friends....

        "Donna'  Last Tuesday we visited our sweet friend "Donna" Omaha, Nebraska and she surprised me with this adorable feed bag converted into a shopping bag! I'm using it as a quilting tote bag :)!! then..... Friday we were out of eggs so we visited  friend Laura in the country to reload...     Her delightful home and beautiful barn!   Looking good, right? We also visited our dear friend, Linda! Check out her wonderful garden!! Linda and Carolyn with our lovely bouquet of rhubarb... Dear sweet friends, fresh farm eggs, rhubarb and rhubarb bread, Happy!!!  I would share the recipe if you would like, let me know and I will email to you :) Hope you have a great week!!! xoxoxox, Carolyn  

How can a Quilter get-----

  ---- anything accomplished when----     Miss Abbie decides this is a delightful and peaceful resting spot!     Finally, starting to place my finished blocks, "All in a Row"   Kim Diehl  designer, from her cozy lap quilts book "Simple Comforts".   This week I baked "Welsh Current Bread"...didn't last long...yummy!      Quilters gathered at Marge's house to stitch on the "Show Quilt" for the  Des Moines Area Quilt Guild Show   event, October 2nd through the 5th. Pictured front left, Deanna, Marge, Virginia, Missie, right front is, Val, Helen's hiding :) and peeking out is Kathy!   Visit, Sarah and view Abbie's furry friends!  Hope you have a wonderful weekend. Dreamy eyes, Miss Abbie, will too!!!!     Hug's, Carolyn