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A Little of This and That!

              Meet Cate......after I created her I made her cousin. ... Miss. Bella and then her sister.....                                                                       Betsy She has her sewing basket full ...I might have to help her with projects ♥️!! Made a little quilt for "Lori DeJarnatt"   she was hostess for her annual doll quilt swap and was my partner.  Also, made a applique needle keeper for her. Yesterday, we visited a green house we started to brighten up our front porch  And a few other areas. Love this season !! Our veranda needs a few more plants...but will work on planting some pots tomorrow. This is a fun spot to relax, stitch or read a good book! I just took out some sticky buns from the oven for Sundays breakfast tempting not to sneak a you think Gene would notice if a small piece was missing??? Enjoy the beautiful Sp