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Twas the Night before Christmas!

And all through the house..... Decorations appear with delight! The sideboard has pictures of our family and..... Our table is set! The mantel is sparkling  .....and the Christmas tree is decorated with family charms Baked Gumdrop bread and is ready to serve.... ......looks like somebody couldn't wait! When I was 5 we received a Christmas card with a poem inclosed, my mother read it to me, then taught me to recite it. My nick name was PENNY and thought it appropriate hear it goes.... Christmas is coming and the goose is getting fat, please put a penny in the old man's hat, if you haven't got a penny, a half penny will do, if you haven't got a half penny...then ......"God Bless You". .....and it all started with a Family.  Merry Christmas Hug's,  Carolyn

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

Finished the pilgrims just in time! Special greetings for you and your family♥️ Creating a few yo-yo trees for my dollie I made. Received this adorable snowball doll quilt from a swap from "Lori" . She used vintage fabric. My dollies love it!So do I!!!  "Lori" and..... ....this is what I made for her and..... A needlekeeper too! Picked up a few baby chicken feeders at a farm supply store...  perfect fit as a pin cushion and notions holder. A great gift for my sewing buddies! Shhhh....don't tell.😊 Having Thanksgiving with our family and I know "pecan pie" will be available! God Bless you all and HAPPY THANKSGIVING  Hug's, Carolyn 

Gardening, Strawberries, Quilting and a Special Heart!

Flowers are ready to plant! Finished and watching them grow!! Hosta's are loving this weather!! We just returned from the "Stawberry Patch" they are ready to freeze---you know we will sample a few of them first!  Our "Hand quilting group" at Church has basted and marked design on this beauty today and ----it's on the quilt rack ready to quilt! This quilt will take up to a year to hand stitch. The border is of applique flowers that is placed on two sides of the quilt. Getting ready to hand quilt! We are enjoying fabulous weather as we sit on our veranda with sunny sky's and in the 70's!!! Our fern is loving it's space!! Lois, my friend made the special heart with a note attached saying:    "I Need A Home!! Please report me as found" and placed in a special place for someone to find. And sure "enough"  someone did find it and reported it on &quo

A Little of This and That!

              Meet Cate......after I created her I made her cousin. ... Miss. Bella and then her sister.....                                                                       Betsy She has her sewing basket full ...I might have to help her with projects ♥️!! Made a little quilt for "Lori DeJarnatt"   she was hostess for her annual doll quilt swap and was my partner.  Also, made a applique needle keeper for her. Yesterday, we visited a green house we started to brighten up our front porch  And a few other areas. Love this season !! Our veranda needs a few more plants...but will work on planting some pots tomorrow. This is a fun spot to relax, stitch or read a good book! I just took out some sticky buns from the oven for Sundays breakfast tempting not to sneak a you think Gene would notice if a small piece was missing??? Enjoy the beautiful Sp

Update Sewing Projects!

I have been working on hand quilting this large quilt for 3 years, I'm finished!! Close up view of quilting....resting my fingers before starting another hand quilting project♥️! Placed it on a chair in our guest bedroom...cozy spot to sip some tea and read a good book. Meet Miss Emmie! Gave her a sewing basket full of goodies maybe she can sew a little something for her bear.....may she might need a little help!  HAPPY SPRING!! Robin's have arrived in "Iowa". Hope you all are experiencing the beautiful Spring weather.  Hug's,  Carolyn