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Chicks, Peep's and tending the garden!

Finished these "Chick" potholders and several more......   Peep's! It's a small flower with very meaningful name----it whispers "forget-me-not!" Collection of forget-me-not's hand painted on china. The plate was painted by my mother-in-law. I painted the other pieces. It's a  little early to plant our garden....look who is ready to shooooo away the rabbits..... " CHESTER"   Hope you have great week! Hugs, Carolyn 


Watercolor card I painted and sent to family for Easter. Some of my Spring projects...... finished just in time! Our lilacs are in full bloom. View from my my sewing room! Ohhhhhh...their sweet fragrance! Special Easter greetings to all of you and your family. Hugs, Carolyn