Chicks, Peep's and tending the garden!

Finished these "Chick" potholders and several more......  

It's a small flower with very meaningful name----it whispers

Collection of forget-me-not's hand painted on china. The plate was painted by my mother-in-law. I painted the other pieces.

It's a  little early to plant our garden....look who is ready to shooooo away the rabbits.....

Hope you have great week!

Hugs, Carolyn 


  1. Heeeee, Carolyn! lovely your chickens, do you have some eggs from them? hahaha

    Warm greetings, Jeannet

  2. What cute little peeps!! And the china - absolutely gorgeous! I love china, I love blue and hand painted - if I ever come visiting and the dishes are gone, well...... don't look in my cupboard!! LOL


  3. Your chicks are so cute and the china beautiful. I have made the chick pincushions but have never seen such cute potholders.

  4. I love all your chicks! Just too cute!

  5. Hello Carolyn. Love the chicks especially the pot holders.
    Hi Chester. You may need to live here awhile to get rid of my rabbits.LOL

  6. Well! Ol' Chester is back and doing his duty in
    Carolyn's garden, don't forget Mrs. Chester! Guess I'll get one of those potholder's as mine
    are getting old, hint, hint. Friend Donna. PS:
    Needless to say the china is outstanding.........

  7. Oh wow Carolyn! I love your China. I think you have two right hands, as we say in Holland. Or a 'thousandlegs'. I love your chickens too. Say to mr. Chester that he stay awake! Byebye, have a good week and love from me.

  8. I love forget-me-nots! That is amazing painting on the china! I am very impressed! You are a woman of many talents!!

  9. Carolyn, You can paint, too??? The Card for easter,have you paint this, too??? It's so nice!!! I love the chicks!
    Lovely post! (sorry, my writing is so bad!
    Next jear I'm going to learn englisch writing!)
    Have a very nice day!!
    Hugs, Hennie

  10. Warm greetings Carolyn...
    Your chicks and peeps are ever so cute! And your china...oh my, a bit of Springtime throughout the year...and so very precious. Momma's china was covered in violets. We have such pleasant memories of times past, do we not?
    My kind regards to Chester...I fear he would need to "shoo" only snowflakes in our garden today. Snow...can you believe it?
    Happy hugs to you...
    Judy x

  11. Hi Carolyn! Cute little chicks! and love your china...what a neat talent to paint china florals. Lovely!

  12. You are definitely ready for summer to come. You hand painted china is beautiful.

  13. Just adorable little chicks The hand painted china you did is just gorgeous!

  14. Love your chicks, so cute. And your china, love the color. bye

  15. I hadn't seen you for a while and wondered if you were OK. Glad to see your post again! The pot holders & peeps are adorable!

  16. With all the nice weather, everyone is in their gardens! Love the chicks and peeps.

  17. I did collect chicken items but stopped as I had so much. The chicken potholders is something I would like, though. All of my potholders disappeared and we can't figure out where to. I bought some at the dollar store to tide us over until we find where the lost ones went or I come up with something better.

  18. Oh my your chicks are wonderful ! And that china---you are very talented.
    I have started planting my garden, a little early but it has been warm warm here. Am really trying to grow a lot more of our food. All the cold crops are up. Have a wonderful week end

  19. Love your china - beautiful painting by both your mother-in-law and you. I adore forget-me-nots - think they are the sweetest flowers and the prettiest blue. Your chicks are sweet - I seem to have a chicken theme going on in my teensy tiny little kitchen. Fun stuff.


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