It's That Time Of The Year Again!!

Fanny likes decorating for fall ...she has her little pumpkin pale and ready for beggars night!
     Made this quilt a few years ago. One of my favorites! 
"Bad and Happy Jack's" a Fon's and Porter design.

Some are happy and some are bad🤐

Love the candy corn fabric. He is a happy camper!!

He is not happy..where is my candy corn! Tee hee 🐱maybe the cat ate it!!

Another must is Mr. Scarecrow.

I was in a swap and "Montana Weber" was my partner. We made and exchanged three pumpkins for each other. These are the ones I received from her yesterday...look who has them now!!  She should receive hers Monday.

A wagon full of pumpkins.
Miss Witchie saying.... "Boo & Scare"!

Always fun to display the c.c. stitch pillow hanger. A "Lizzie High" design.

Made some Salsa a few weeks ago ..still displayed on the counter. 😊
Below are the Hummingbirds trying to fatten up before going South on there long journey.  
Have a great month! 
Stay safe.



  1. You are such a fun seasonal decorator. I enjoy seeing your creative displays.
    Hanging my head as I admit that I haven't taken down the red/white/blue yet.

  2. You always do fantastic displays Carolyn

  3. So cute!! I only have a very few Halloween decorations, but they are fun. I think I need to change my patriotic to "fall" decor.

  4. You do fall right!! I love your little Bad & Happy Jacks piece -- it's so cute! Feed those sweet hummingbirds ... they have a long way to travel!

  5. Thoroughly enjoyed your post Carolyn, just love your decorating


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