Hello, How Are You All Doing?

Thinking about all of you during these trying time and hope all is good with you and your family.
Found this statement with a special message for all of us giving up "Hope".
Thought I would share with you as to what I have been doing while being home with Gene and keeping busy!

Made this shoulder bag to hold my cell, necessary information, and my mask fits around the strap,---  "handy"!

Made a new small patchwork bed quilt for "Miss Hitty"! 

We have 6 grandchildren. Three boys and three girls. Three grandaughters have graduated from ISU . One grandson is sophomore at ISU and other grandson is attending UNI . I have made graduation quilts for all six. Our youngest grandson, Joe graduated from high school this spring and is now attending ISU in Ames, Iowa. 

Had fun finding plaids and ISU prints for incorporating into the design of this quilt...a few of these plaid came from grandpas shirts....this is "our" secret,  okay!! 

Joe (3) licking the beaters...wonder if he still does😊

Finished a doll quilt, a monthly challenge of Kathreen Tracy's.
Made needle keepers.  This is a Cheri Payne embroidery design.
This is all for now. Stay safe! "HOPE" 2021 will be a better year for all of us.
Hug's, Carolyn 


  1. That is a beautiful opening thought. What a great carrier for your phone and necessities.
    Your doll quilts make me smile. Love them both.
    Joe has come a long way from his "beater licking" days. LOL
    And that is a great quilt with bits of shirts (I'm not telling). But that makes the quilt even more special.
    Such sweet little needle keepers. :)
    Definitely hoping for better things next year!!

  2. Lovely poem ...you have keep busy creating some beautiful dolly quilts , shoulder bag and sweet needle cases...
    Congrats to your GS on graduating and you made a a fabulous quilt. Love the photo of himlicking the beater.

  3. You've been super busy, haven't you?! Yay for Joe! (No shame if he still licks the beaters. I *still* lick the beaters!) Your quilts, big and small, are all beautiful! I enjoy Kathy's patterns, too. Love that little bag! I need to make something like that for myself ... it's hard to find exactly what I'm looking for in the stores. Thanks for the inspiration!! Hugs to you, my sweet bloggy friend!! :)

  4. Those are darling needle keeps! They are so fun to make aren't they? Hugs my friend!

  5. I love your blog, I will definitely be following you!! What a lovely quote from Brooke Hampton. Looks like you stay very busy with all your beautiful quilts, big and little as well as your cute cell phone bag. I particularly love the needle keepers, especially since I have been gifted with one! Joe is a lucky young man to receive such a precious gift from his grandmother, I’m sure he will cherish it. You must be very proud of him. He was having fun licking those beaters! Lol
    I’m planning to make a doll quilt soon, looking forward to choosing a design and fabrics! My granddaughter wants to try one too, she is 10 just learning to sew. I enjoyed reading your blog and am going to read some of your previous ones also. Can’t wait to read more!
    Blog on!!

  6. I love it! Dear Carolyn, I quit blogging, wrote one last message. But .... I have a certain program with which I can still view blogs and have made a 'top ten' list that includes you. I am happy with the contact with you and would like to keep it. Love, Chris

  7. I love your blog, I will definitely be following you!!
    clipping path


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