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"Saturdays Get-together" Road Trip

Early Saturday morning Missie  ( Hallbrook Designs ) and Kathy ( Kindred Quilts ) and myself  met at a local antique mall--- our instantaneous hugs and smiles insured the beginning of a delightful day. We met  Julie ( Me and My Stitches ) at the Woolen Needle, Williamsburg, Iowa --- there after we began a day of visiting, laughter,"shopping" and, not to forget, eating, too!!   Entering the Woolen Needle, I thought to myself ... now I'm in trouble ...I will have to contain myself!   Wonderful choices...everywhere! Oh my....   Our next stop was Inspirations!!  I thought with a quilt shop with this name---hummm, I'm in real trouble. I proceeded inside anyway!!  Can't say I didn't warn you!    I warned myself, too--- lot of good it did as there was ohhhh's and ahhh's!   I showed Gene (DH) pictures I had taken of our days events. He noted we all seem to gravitate to the same type of fabric and quilt shops. I

Road Trip with-----

     Kathy of Kindred Quilts, Missie of Hallbrook Designs and myself will travel east early Saturday morning meeting up with Julie of Me and My Stitches at the Woolen Needle in Williamsburg, Iowa. The four of us will be exploring quilt and antique shops in Kalona and Hills, Iowa. Lunching too! My (comfy) shoes are all clean and ready for me to wear during our fun filled day together!          Bella, our granddaughter, graduated from high school and I made a quilt as one of her gifts and will present to her after it's quilted and before she starts I.S.U. this fall.     "Bella"   We have six delightful grandchildren three girls and three boys. Both of our families live in close proximity of us.. It's been a great ride!!!!!   Enjoy the's almost here!!   Hugs, Carolyn    

Happy 4th of July!

        A day to celebrate!     Hugs, Carolyn