Road Trip with-----

Kathy of Kindred Quilts, Missie of Hallbrook Designs and myself will travel east early Saturday morning meeting up with Julie of Me and My Stitches at the Woolen Needle in Williamsburg, Iowa. The four of us will be exploring quilt and antique shops in Kalona and Hills, Iowa. Lunching too! My (comfy) shoes are all clean and ready for me to wear during our fun filled day together!      
 Bella, our granddaughter, graduated from high school and I made a quilt as one of her gifts and will present to her after it's quilted and before she starts I.S.U. this fall.

We have six delightful grandchildren three girls and three boys. Both of our families live in close proximity of us.. It's been a great ride!!!!!
Enjoy the's almost here!!
Hugs, Carolyn


  1. Love that black and white photo... glad the automobiles today have bigger trunks... just incase we make purchases... like that's NOT going to happen! Bella is a real beauty!

  2. That B/W photo is a hoot! I am feeling your fun already! Tell everyone hello from me and that I truly do "wish I was there"!!
    You have a very lovely granddaughter!

  3. Love the colors in your quilt! Sounds like a fun time for you all. Shopping with friends= good times.:)

  4. What a nice quiltl for your beautiful granddaughter! Your road trip sounds like tons of fun. Don't get into too much trouble.

  5. Can't wait until Saturday - hope you are bringing an updated car, though! Bella is beautiful! Bet she will love her quilt.

  6. Sure sounds like a lot of fun. I hope you buy some beautiful fabrics. You know, we never have to much - Until it is time to organize. Lovely quilt for a gorgeous granddaughter. Family is such a blessing. Have a laughing good trip. It is so good for the soul.

  7. Sounds like something to look forward to. I know I would love to be there with you. The treasures of friendship and gathering together is something special.

  8. Fun!
    I love Kalona!
    We go every Labor Day to a gathering at friends
    and usually stay a extra day or so.
    Enjoy the day with your friends.
    You have a beautiful Grand daughter! Smile
    Blessings~ Lori

  9. Well done Bella and such a pretty young lady. I am sure she will love her quilt.
    Enjoy your road trip with your friends Carolyn.....

  10. You and your friends have a fun trip planned. Love the B & W photo. It is too funny. You've made a wonderful gift for Bella. She'll love having it in the fall.

  11. Have a lot of fun!
    Bella's quilt is gorgeous as is Bella.

  12. Bella is gorgeous...and so is her quilt! Have lots of fun on your road trip!

  13. Enjoy your road trip and Congrats to your DGD. I think she will like the quilt very much too.

    Take care,

  14. Congratulations to you and Bella. Now will you take a good look at all that wool just for me! Have fun!

  15. Your road trip sounds like a blast!! Say hello to the girls for me.
    Congratulations to your graduate. She will love the quilt and ISU.

  16. Fun! Pretty quilt and lovely granddaughter!

  17. Have fun! The quilt is lovely and your Grand daughter is beautiful.

  18. I am sure you will have much fun with your friends today.
    You made a beautiful quilt for a beautiful granddaughter!! Congratulations for her.
    Have a blessed weekend.

  19. Such a lovely quilt! I feel certain that your darling Bella shall treasure each and every bit...made ever so lovingly by her cherished Grandmother.
    Enjoy your weekend adventure with the girls Carolyn!

  20. Congratulations to your beautiful granddaughter!
    I'm sure she will love her new quilt!
    Enjoy your road trip with Kathy & Missy and the time you all spend with Julie!


  21. LOVE that first photo you found. It brought a smile to my face when I read your plans.
    Some day I'd love to go on a road trip, meet you ladies, and join in the fun. After reading Kathy's latest post, it sounds like you had a great time.

  22. I hope you had a marvelous time on your trip! Your granddaughter is beautiful! :)


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