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Why quilting is such a great hobby for me.

I find large quilts rewarding to make. However, my real love is making small (doll) quilts since I enjoy playing with color, prints and scraps. My reward comes more quickly! Finished piecing this star quilt today and will hand quilt.  I  used the ( Tri-Recs) ruler. The package comes with two pieces: one labeled " tri" and one labeled "rec." However, for this quilt, I used the "tri" ruler. Lots of triangles  in this pattern to cut out and this tool was a life saver!   The last few days have been really hot (90+)---I'm back indoors. Fortunately, tomatoes etc. grow on their own! Recently we were flipping channels on T.V. and came upon the program, " Hoarders". Later, while stitching ( small) quilt and viewing T.V.--- with broad smiles ( guess who) walked into media room with huge stack of small quilts. Without finding near all ( guess who) counted 76 (small) quilts and suggested title for " new" reality show! It's wonderful to

New quilt for Annie and her Raggedy Anne friends!

I made a Country Threads design, "Spring Pavers" a month ago and decided to make it again using my patriot prints...I will be ready to display it on the 4th of July.  Suzanne, a friend, made a sewing kit for Sudie. Wonder what fun project (Sudie) has in mind? Cover of sewing kit. Suzanne is very detailed in her work as you can see. The sewing  kit measures 3" x  2 1/2"    We have been tending our flower and vegetable gardens. Our flower baskets are so colorful. Chester, Chester, how does your garden grow? He weeds it and scares the rabbits away! If you look close you will see a Heirloom ( San Marzano ) Roma or two. This is  our side  flower garden-- almost in full bloom.  Dunyazode Lillies Clematis Sweet little "Sweet Pea" plant. Barb, a friend, gave me a start of this precious plant 4 years ago and this year it is blooming in all it's glory! Sharing plants with friends makes your garden so becomes your friendship garden. Hope you are e