New quilt for Annie and her Raggedy Anne friends!

I made a Country Threads design, "Spring Pavers" a month ago and decided to make it again using my patriot prints...I will be ready to display it on the 4th of July.
 Suzanne, a friend, made a sewing kit for Sudie. Wonder what fun project (Sudie) has in mind?
Cover of sewing kit.
Suzanne is very detailed in her work as you can see. The sewing  kit measures
3" x  2 1/2"  
 We have been tending our flower and vegetable gardens. Our flower baskets are so colorful.

Chester, Chester, how does your garden grow?
He weeds it and scares the rabbits away!
If you look close you will see a Heirloom (San Marzano) Roma or two.
This is  our side  flower garden-- almost in full bloom.
 Dunyazode Lillies

Sweet little "Sweet Pea" plant. Barb, a friend, gave me a start of this precious plant 4 years ago and this year it is blooming in all it's glory! Sharing plants with friends makes your garden so becomes your friendship garden.
Hope you are enjoying a delightful week!
Hugs, Carolyn


  1. What a wonderful post: flowers, dolls, gardens, doll quilts, sewing kits! So colorful, so lovely! Your garden flowers are BEAUTIFUL!

  2. Your garden is beautiful. You must be getting the rain we're lacking. Things are drying out here. Love your doll quilt, the palette is perfect.

  3. Wow! Your garden should by on a garden tour, if it hasn't been already. The little embroidery kit is so tiny and so cute. What a talented friend you have.

  4. Your garden is beautiful! I agree, it should be on a garden tour. The doll and kit are so cute - and also the little doll quilt. Well done!

  5. Another beautiful dolly quilt. The little sewing kit....that is so special! Beautiful garden flowers too, you are a very busy lady!!

  6. Love your little quilt. That sewing kit is so amazing!

  7. What a darling Patriotic doll quilt!
    Just love seeing all those lovely pictures of your gorgeous flowers and vegetables. Your gardens are BEAUTIFUL!

  8. The quilt is great! Just in time for summer and the 4th.
    Your gardens are beautiful.

  9. I made a doll a long time ago that had a little basket of sewing supplies. I made little bolts of fabric to put in with fabric wrapped cardboard. She had a wool coat and I made her shoes from a black leather thrift store quilt. I wish I hadn't donated her to a money making venture but she went to a good home.

  10. Carolyn, your garden is beautiful! Love it! What a darling TINY little sewing basket! Wow! And, love the little patriotic quilt as well...thanks for sharing!

  11. I love your raggie annies, I think they could come visit auntie elizabeth in idaho for awhile! Your flowers are beautiful, love the one in the watering can!! So many pretty things at your house, I think it would be a very fun place to visit!

  12. Your garden is so pretty! I have always wanted a clematis. Yours is gorgeous. Great 4th of July quilt.

  13. Love that "Spring Prayers" quilt using patriotic prints! I have been trying to think of something to make using those kinds of it. Your garden is beautiful too! I am so frustratd with mine at the is getting wild and out of control, I'm about ready to pull it all out!

  14. Hi Carolyn,
    On this overcast, rainy day, thank you for your lovely "rainbow" post, filled with so many wonderful colors!!
    The wagon filled with dollies is darling and the quilt is so sweet...they will love it!
    Your flowers are just gorgeous too....and love the watering cans!!
    Enjoy your weekend!
    Warm Hugs~~

  15. Your garden is looking fabulous. Love the heirloom romas!
    Sweet doll goodies - beautiful treasures.

  16. What a sweet little quilt! Love the photos of your flowers too!

  17. Your garden is looking fabulous and so colourful! That sewing kit is amazing and I love those raggedy Annies. The little quilt suits them perfectly, it's adorable.

  18. Love your new little quilt - it's adorable.

    You are my hero and if you get your own reality show I want to be a guest so I can cheer you on. :-) I wish I could see all your doll quilts up close and personal. I'm in awe!

    Your garden is wonderful - lush and green.

  19. Such beautiful flowers! I have a soft spot for Annie, too.


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