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Did I say, " Red Hot"---yes I did!  That's what the weather is like   here in Des Moines, Iowa! Multiple 100 degree  days have (again) kept me indoors! I've had a project in mind and decided to use "hot" colors of reds. I made this snappy RED whirlwind paper piecing table topper quilt pattern from:    Quilting. about. com . Lot's of fun to make and very easy- I have not done much using the paper piecing method. . I say this BECAUSE-----it is so ----- the corn popped on the cob! Yesterday we drove to the country and purchased 3 dozen "farm fresh" eggs. T'was 99  in the city and (cool) 94 in the country. Fortunate for air conditioning-or else, might of had 36 baby chichs to deal with! I made these snap bags, using pattern from "Stitchinsis. com" I had a few pieces from cut up vintage quilt and used them for another! So, being silly.....I hope we "snap" out of this "hot" spell and it "cools"