Did I say, " Red Hot"---yes I did! 

That's what the weather is like 
 here in Des Moines, Iowa!

Multiple 100 degree  days have (again) kept me indoors! I've had a project in mind and decided to use "hot" colors of reds. I made this snappy RED whirlwind paper piecing table topper quilt pattern from:  Quilting. about. com.

Lot's of fun to make and very easy- I have not done much using the paper piecing method.

I say this BECAUSE-----it is so -----

the corn popped on the cob! Yesterday we drove to the country and purchased 3 dozen "farm fresh" eggs. T'was 99  in the city and (cool) 94 in the country. Fortunate for air conditioning-or else, might of had 36 baby chichs to deal with!

I made these snap bags, using pattern from "Stitchinsis. com"

I had a few pieces from cut up vintage quilt and used them for another!
So, being silly.....I hope we "snap" out of this "hot" spell and it "cools" down for everyone!

Have a great weekend!

Hugs, Carolyn


  1. Hot, yes indeed. Your little red quilt is great to represent the weather. Those eggs sure could have hatched into chicks. LOL. Love your snap bags. They're fun to do. Stay cool.

  2. Your little red quilt is Gorgeous! I love how you interpret the weather. (grin) Your snap bags are terrific, I can think of a million uses for them. That bag you made from a Vintage quilt is really awesome - what a treasure!

  3. Your red topper is so pretty! And I love your little snap bags. I've never made one of those.

  4. Love the bags! And I love your little 'hot' quilt you made! It's been hot here too, in Michigan and we are not used to so much heat for so long. Finally a cool-down today and some much needed rain!


  5. It's the long hot Summer?? You have make A very nice red quilt!! And the picture of the corn popped!!! So nice!!
    In dutch it's raining again.... Have a great weekend!!
    Hugs, Hennie

  6. Cute Cute Cute, love the popcorn man. Maybe you need a little wading pool to sit in and cool off. Your cute is adorable, love the borders!

  7. maybe I should say, your quilt is adorable....

  8. Gosh I cant imagine those sorts of temperatures! Just as well you have a good inside hobby!! Your snap bags are cute - and *snap* with the mini - I just completed one of those too; I enjoyed the pattern. Hopre you get some weather relief soon.

  9. You've been busy! My next door neighbor's oldest daughter is on her way to move to Iowa right now...she is in the Air Force and will be stationed at the University of Iowa for a special assignment.I hope the weather cools down for you and you get some much needed rain! I love all the finishes...the red is wonderful!!

  10. On tv we saw it is so hot in many states of USA. Maybe you can send uw a little bit!! Till now we had no summer, cold, rain, wind. Bur...nest week it will be better.
    I like the hot red of you little quilt, it makes me warm! And I like those bags. Hugs from me from Holland.

  11. Just love your RED quilt and those snap bags are adorable. Hoping you have relief soon from that 100 degree weather

  12. Everytime you look at your little quilt you'll remember the summer of 2012. Cute little bags, I'm going over and check them out now.

  13. Hello!
    I LOVE your red quilt!
    Might make me one similar!
    Thanks for sharing!

  14. I agree I am so ready for fall, this summer has just been awful
    finally today we are having a reprieve...hope yours comes soon .
    love your little quilt, great fabric choices too!
    cute bags, you have been busy!

  15. Wow! I love the red hot piece. Such pretty shades of red in it. I am loving your snap bags too. At least the heat seems to not be interfering with your sewing. It really does with my stitching.
    Keep cool and have a great weekend!

  16. Staying inside and sewing is the best idea for this hot, hot weather. Love all your projects!

  17. great little red quilt and snap bags.
    Hope the heat breaks soon.

  18. Projects indoors is always a good way to beat the heat! Stay cool.

  19. Even Michigan is red hot! We have cooled off very nicely the last two days and I welcome that so much. Looks like you have been putting your time in the ac to good use. Darling tabletopper. And love your little funny cartoons! Hope it cools down for the weekend for you. Carol

  20. Carolyn, I've missed your last few posts - and I'm so loving catching up!! It's been hot here in Texas, too and I've been sewing up a storm - hope it brings rain!! LOL

    LOVE all you projects!! How fun!!



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