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Most Important Things First!

First phase of our move begins "Two Men and a Truck" tomorrow at 8:30 AM- apartment  furnishings to new home. The phones, internet and cable T.V. are to be set up on Friday. Today while dropping off some smaller items I found my sewing area set-up and ready to go--- ----"Abbie", our cat, was not responsible.....what a surprise! New project for " Valentines Day" Heart table mat! Off to bed for an early start, tomorrow! Hugs, Carolyn

New quilt for our new house!

P.S WOW!! Thank you so much for your support and best wishes. No wonder I love blogging-the ability to communicate with so many upbeat friends!! XOXO, Carolyn We are on the move again! Looking forward to settling in. Now the fun begins! We will be busy for a few weeks with moving, organizing and remembering where to place this and posting will be on the side burner...but know we are having fun unwrapping and revisiting our treasures of 48 years, again! Be back in a few weeks...till then.... Hugs, Carolyn 

Happy New Year!

       May a little angel like "Mildred" be with you as we welcome 2013 together!      XXXXX, Carolyn