Most Important Things First!

First phase of our move begins "Two Men and a Truck" tomorrow at 8:30 AM- apartment  furnishings to new home. The phones, internet and cable T.V. are to be set up on Friday. Today while dropping off some smaller items I found my sewing area set-up and ready to go---

----"Abbie", our cat, was not responsible.....what a surprise!

New project for " Valentines Day"
Heart table mat!
Off to bed for an early start, tomorrow!

Hugs, Carolyn


  1. Can you just sit and sew and let everyone else do the moving? : )

  2. Moving -- stressful but exciting--all wrapped into one huge rush of emotion. I'm sure the move will go smoothly. I've heard nothing but praise re: Two Men and a Truck.
    Looks like a lovely heart project for the future.

  3. I hope everything goes smoothly and you are settled in soon.

  4. Good luck for a smooth move today! Can't wait to hear all about how you like your new home!!

  5. Nice that the elves are taking care of your sewing room! Your cat is beautiful - I want to pet her! Good luck on your move - hopefully you will get it done before the nasty weather hits!

  6. It will be great when your sewing rooms is set up once again. Hope you'll be able to sew soon.

  7. Good-luck with the moving, and now waiting for the sewing room.
    regards Tilly

  8. I see priorities are in order - the sewing machine has been set up first! Abbie is gorgeous as ever :)

  9. Hope the move goes well. Glad to see you have given yourself a special place to go and enjoy! Moving can mean stress. How exciting to be so close to having all your things together again and making a new home! Best Wishes.


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