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April Showers brought May Flowers...and a Dutch table topper, too!!

    Finding new places for pots has been a delight, filling them with pretties was even more fun! Morning's are a pleasure on our veranda as we enjoy reading, sipping a cup of coffee, watching and listening to the birds sing.   The Pergola is located across the street at an angle from us, perfect for gatherings. Sunday we will be planting flowers with our new neighbors, later a cookout and potluck dinner.    Chris  (Blog), a sweet friend who lives in The Netherlands sent me some fun pieces of fabric before we moved in September. Now, we are settled and using some of her fabric along with some of mine, I made a Dutch table topper for our kitchen. Click to enlarge for a better view :)   Yesterday-Kathy, myself and Helen were at Marge's house, we worked on the "Show" quilt for the Des Moines Area Quilt Guild-- that Marge (Blog) designed! Missie  (Blog) came too! We had a delightful time...the quilt is beautiful. I will share mor