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Gardening, Strawberries, Quilting and a Special Heart!

Flowers are ready to plant! Finished and watching them grow!! Hosta's are loving this weather!! We just returned from the "Stawberry Patch" they are ready to freeze---you know we will sample a few of them first!  Our "Hand quilting group" at Church has basted and marked design on this beauty today and ----it's on the quilt rack ready to quilt! This quilt will take up to a year to hand stitch. The border is of applique flowers that is placed on two sides of the quilt. Getting ready to hand quilt! We are enjoying fabulous weather as we sit on our veranda with sunny sky's and in the 70's!!! Our fern is loving it's space!! Lois, my friend made the special heart with a note attached saying:    "I Need A Home!! Please report me as found" and placed in a special place for someone to find. And sure "enough"  someone did find it and reported it on &quo