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Lee Prairie Designs TBT!

      Mothers and I on Mothers Day in 2001. Miss her lot's! 

Happy May Day!!

  Every year when I was in grade and high school we had a "May Day" event. We dressed in lovely pastel lavender, yellow, pink and blue dresses---with a sprig of flowers tucked in our hair and danced around the decorated may pole.       Before or after school we would go around our neighborhood with our colorful "May Baskets" we had made filled with popcorn, candy and a few flowers. We delivered them to our friends doorstep, rang the door bell and quickly hide behind a bush till they went inside...what a fun and wonderful memory!    I finished a quilt for our bed and a friend quilted it with her long arm machine....    ... Miss Abbie just had to pose!!!   wishing all a "Happy May Day"!    Hugs, Carolyn