"Chicken" quilting bag, fresh eggs, rhubarb and dear friends....

Last Tuesday we visited our sweet friend "Donna" Omaha, Nebraska and she surprised me with this adorable feed bag converted into a shopping bag! I'm using it as a quilting tote bag :)!!
then..... Friday we were out of eggs so we visited  friend Laura in the country to reload...


Her delightful home and beautiful barn!
Looking good, right?
We also visited our dear friend, Linda!
Check out her wonderful garden!!
Linda and Carolyn with our lovely bouquet of rhubarb...

Dear sweet friends, fresh farm eggs, rhubarb and rhubarb bread, Happy!!!
 I would share the recipe if you would like, let me know and I will email to you :)

Hope you have a great week!!!
xoxoxox, Carolyn



  1. I would LOVE the rhubarb bread recipe!! Looks yummy!
    Thank you!

  2. Looks like you have good friends to know! : ) What a delightful "visit".

  3. I would love the rhubarb recipe I love rhubarb and have started to collect recipes that are tried and true and yours looks yummy. thanks judy

  4. I love your visit to your friends house..my daughter's house is so very, very similar to your friends..I will have to take a picture and send it to you. Your friends has a lovely yard, garden and barn, I bet you love to go to her house..

  5. What an adorable bag! I would love to get a copy of your rhubarb bread recipe. Thanks for offering to share.

  6. What a cute bag! I'm afraid I'd have to use a cat food bag :)

    I've never eaten rhubarb, but the bread looks wonderful.

  7. Now those are great friends! I just love that barn, what did she have inside of it? I can smell the hay now....

  8. Yes ma'am, I would love the rhubarb bread recipe. I have been craving a strawberry rhubarb pie. Love all your pictures! My email, for the recipe whenever you have time, is: rhonda.mccormick@gmail.com

    Thank you!

  9. Darling tote!! What a great home and garden your friend has.

  10. What fun to visit special friends. Fresh eggs are so tasty. Enjoyed the photos.

  11. What a lovely visit with your friend. I love your new bag.

  12. I love anything chook, so your bag is a delight for me to see. And how gorgeous is Donnas house and barn, we dont get barns like that in Australia

  13. Lovely bag! How sweet is your friend! Then off for eggs and rhubarb; what fun. Your bread loaves look very tasty. You sure had a great day. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  14. Looks wonderful! I would love to have the recipe. We are visiting our DS/DIL and they have some rhubarb. Would be fun to try the recipe - another way to fix it!

  15. Carolyn, what a lovely pictures you make! And the quilt-bag with chicken I loved this!! Have a geat week and enjoy the hubarb!
    Hugs, Hennie

  16. Pretty post,Carolyn! Would love to live in that beautiful farm house with the perfect red barn! Fun with friends is so one of the best things in life! Carol

  17. Hi Carolyn,
    Thanks for sharing those wonderful pictures!
    Such a blessing to have such fabulous and generous friends to spend time with. FUN,FUN!
    My grandmother used to make the best rhubarb cobbler - I'll bet that bread was divine!


  18. All looking very delicious, even the bag :-)
    I've never heard of rhubarb bread before.
    In Denmark we usually use rhubarbs for jam or sweet cakes, so I'd love to see the recipe in my mailbox one of these days.
    Hugs Pia

  19. Ah, Carolyn, I love rhubarb and would love your recipe! What a cute bag your friend gifted you! And those eggs are beautiful! I love fresh-from-the-hen eggs!! Looks like your summer is off to a lovely start! :)

  20. A perfect weekend surely!
    Sending love...

  21. Oh Carolyn, I am dreaming of such a house and barn!! And garden ..... I love that bag and yes, I would like to have that recept!!! Love from me and husband.

  22. It looks you had a wonderful visit and love the surprise bag too :)


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