Quilting with Miss Abbie's help-- having fun in the kitchen and Herb Study Group!

Miss Abbie helping me with piecing!
I am making this quilt for my niece, Kathy.
This is the label that will be attached to the back after I transfer family signatures onto the muslin. 

A friend of ours grows red/purple raspberries and yesterday I made Jam.
I processed 13 jars of "yummy" Jam! I might leave them on the counter for a few days to admire! :) 

Anyone for tarts and tea?
I made tarts that were filled with the Jam

I belong to Des Moines Herb Study group and we maintain and plant two gardens at the
Des Moines Botanical Garden. Enlarge to read plaque.

This is our Herb study garden
Every Monday morning we work in the gardens. Once a month we have a meeting and potluck lunch using our crops. I have learned to grow and cook with herbs from the members of this delightful group!   
In-between time I am working on another project -  Liz Porter's traditional Double Nine Patch using bubblegum pink and indigo prints featured in Fons & Porter's July/August 2011 issue. As you can see I have a ways to go! :)
Today, is a beautiful sunny and cool day in Des Moines. I plan to spend the rest of afternoon  outside listening to the birds singing and finish hand quilting ( Kathie Holland) scrappy strip quilt for my niece, Kathy. 
Hope you are enjoying your week doing what you love!

Hugs, Carolyn 


  1. You had me at Miss Abbie. She's my dream cat - a long-haired tortoiseshell. Your garden project sounds wonderful!

  2. Abbie is beautiful...love everything about your post...rasberry jam, tarts, quilts and Abbie...wonderful!

  3. Oh my goodness! I would LOVE to come for tarts and tea! They look so perfect. :) Your jam looks so lovely, and I would leave it out to enjoy the look of it for a couple days, too!
    Your herb study groups sounds so wonderful. I love that you have a schedule to meet and work in the garden together. What a great time. I am not very knowledgeable about the use of herbs, but I do enjoy the cooking results when someone else is!
    Love the quilts - the label with the signatures is such a great finishing touch!
    i am picturing you hand quilting outside. :)

  4. Both of the scrappy quilts you shared are just great. Love 'em!
    I grow strawberries and raspberries and use the jams to fill shortbread cookies--my favorite way to eat jam!
    The herb garden is impressive. I won't show you my sorry little home patch. It has become embarrassingly out of control this year.

  5. Beautifull those quilts and so a lovely herb garden!! I love it! Have an nice evening and tomorrow a nice day . Love from Bruges Carine

  6. It's a good thing you have Miss Abbie to help you with your quilting, because with all your other activities, I doubt you would be able to get the quilt finished! I LOVE raspberries! They are my favorite! And raspberry tarts would be scrumptious! The double 9-patch is darling. I made a double 9-patch for DS/DIL one year. The herb study group looks interesting. Have fun with it!

  7. Carolyn,
    What lovely gardens, and your tarts look so tasty, I will be over later for tea.....LOL.!
    We have an Herb Club in our community and they have a lovely garden as well. Love your quilts, what a lovely gift for your niece, I'm sure she will love it..Thanks for sharing the pics.

  8. I hope one of those scrumptious looking tarts has my name on it! Sounds so good. The gardens are beautiful - your camera certainly takes gorgeous pictures. Love how you can see so much detail when they are enlarged. Lovely quilts, too - and a sweet kitty. Carol

  9. The scrappy quilts look great, scrappy quilts are my favorite to make.
    And the jam........yummie.
    You must be a wonderful friend to serve homemade tarts and tea.

  10. Miss Abbie must be a great assistant and a perfect model! I love your beautiful tea set with toile scene in red. Your handmade tarts are looking so yummy, too!!

  11. Love the quilts. Miss Abbie is cute too. The gardens are beautiful.

  12. Your pictures make me want to get on a plane and head to the Botanical Gardens...beautiful! I'll stop for tea while I 'm there. Oh, and I love your double nine patch!

  13. Fun quilts, the more fabric the better! Your fabric selections are perfect.
    The tea setting and gardens are beautiful The study group sounds like great fun and what lovely gardens.

  14. Yes! I am for tarts and tea! Especialy with your beautiful cups and teapot. And give miss Abbey a compliment. I love her face!
    So special, that Herb study garden. Wonderful. So nice to work with such a project with other people.
    Love from cold, rainy and windy Holland.

  15. You are a busy lady! Love your scrap quilts - they seem to go with the beautiful gardens. Your tea and tarts look so inviting - are there any left?

  16. I wonder if Kathy's quilt would have turned out as nice without Miss Abbie's help. I do like the label too. Raspberry jam sounds yummy and I will be right over for tarts and tea!! The garden is fabulous and I like the sounds of a herb study group. I do like herbs.

  17. I like your double nine patch and the colors in your photo look wonderful.

  18. oh I would love to come for tarts and tea and really would love toast with that raspberry jam, I LOVE raspberries they are just so expensive here....
    oh how I am very jealous I would love to belong to a group like that and learn more about using fresh herbs in my cooking and gardening
    a dream of mine is to have a full garden of vegetables, when we retire its on the top of the list!
    thanks for sharing and I am thrilled you liked my quilt enough to make one, thank you

  19. Oh man, I LOVE raspberries! And there is nothing better than rasp jam! I'm jealous!

  20. Well! You know that I will get some of that Jam,
    don't you?????????Yum........and that Liz's quilt, love it and the color's, too. It's HOT here in Omaha and only to get hotter this coming week. The garden's you are working in are just
    lovely and I'm sure your group of women are learning together, which is always such a joy.

  21. My favorite jam has always been raspberry, and looking at those jammy jars all lined up, I can taste it.
    I'm not sure which is more lovely -- the botanical gardens, your tarts, or that bright quilt. All equally lovely in their own way.
    I'm guessing your heat index has risen a bit by now. We have 5 or 6 days of 90s predicted. It's summer in Iowa, and it's fair time!

  22. I love making homemade jam, it tastes so much better than store bought. Your 9 patch quilt is looking terrific.

  23. Your garden is beautiful!!! Mine has dried up and died - couldn't keep enough water on it to hot and windy. So, when I want to see something green, I'll just click on this post and drool!!


  24. Kathy is going to love her quilt and what a pretty label. I need to start putting more energy into my labels.

  25. Oh dearie me...loveliness abounds! Fresh jam, tarts, fabrics, gardens, and a kitty...a perfect life indeed. If truth be told, with visions of raspberries, my mouth is watering as I "speak."

    Wishing you a most delightful day my friend...


  26. Tarts and tea? I'm so there! Add in quilting and it sounds like a heavenly day. Having spent 10 years in Iowa, the gardens are gorgeous and the fruits for canning plentiful. Kathy will love her quilt -- Abbie's contribution and all!

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  28. Lovely quilts. I am drooling over those little pies, the fruit and the jam. Your herb study group sounds fascinating. I love using fresh herbs but my knowledge is very limited. My mother uses lots of dill in the summer. My all time favourite, probably because it brings back so many childhood memories. Enjoy your time with your guests.


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