It that time again!

Front porch, veranda and lower level sitting

Our front flower pot is full with a variety of flowers to enjoy. 

So is the hanging basket. 

Our fern is getting bigger..... I think it's a happy plant! 

Our of my favorite places to relax... work on counted cross stitch, quilting projects and sometimes, read a good book. 

The lower level patio is good for sitting, too!

Herbs are planted and ready for cutting.
We have visitors--- "Finches" !
Besides planting herbs, flower pots and hanging baskets,  I have been working on...more
"Crazy Chicken" casserole placemats....they are on the go as you can see!
....Perhaps they are openings in the heavens where our loved ones shine down to let us know they are happy.
Have a wonderful weekend remembering our loved ones past and present.
Hugs, Carolyn


  1. Oh, Carolyn - what a super pleasant place to hang out for the summer!! I especially love that great shelf you have on the side of the house with all your urbs - oh wait, that's herbs!! And the finches and chickens are so fun!! :-)) You have a wonderful memorial day weekend as well!!

  2. Good Morning , what a lovely place... With so mutch love Dekoration
    Kind regards and all happy Day Marika

  3. You have a beautiful place, Carolyn So many cozy places to enjoy the outdoors.
    Love those chickens! They make me smile!
    Sweet photo at the end.

  4. what lovely plants and nice spots to sit and stitch!

  5. How inviting! It looks like a wonderful place to sit and stitch. Hope you have a great weekend!

  6. Cannot think of anything more fun than planting a spring garden. Your's is beautiful. And those chicken placemats make me smile.

  7. It's so nice to get our outdoor spaces all decorated for summer.

  8. I love your pots.....all so beautiful. I just planted a couple of mine too this week. Hugs to you!!!!

  9. Spring is so nice, I love all of your plants and flowers. Your decks look so inviting, too. Your Crazy chickens are cute as the dickens, do you have a pattern for those? Have fun stitching and enjoy your wonderful outdoor space!

  10. Such lovely plantings on your porch! Aren't petunias the happiest looking little blooms?

    Love those chickens on the run!

  11. Your plants look lovely. I love those chickens. Hugs

  12. Well! How lovely! Was worrying you might miss your former home but your new home is just as fabulous in its own way! Lovely post!

  13. I want to sit there ande injoy all the beauty in and around your house.
    Are the chickens or the placemats on to go ..... hihi!
    I think you have special loved ones who are gone in your mind. Sometimes sad, sometimes joyful to remind them. Hugs!

  14. You've been busy!! Don't you love dressing up your outside (and insides) for spring/summer!! What a pretty place you've created! :)

  15. Your porch and garden are looking great. Such a lovely place to sit and stitch.
    Love those chickens Carolyn


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