How long, a month long, that long?????

New, old toy!
                               My friend, Deanna gave me this vintage quilt rack. It's all set up,
                                                   marked and ready to hand quilt.
Marking is finished and ready to quilt.
                                                  I have a long ways to go, who knows,
                                               I might have it quilted before next spring!

A month ago I found 45 Dresden Plate circles that were at a tag sale for $ 7.00. Couldn't pass them up. I have appliqued 35 plates and centers on 10 inch blocks.  
A few more to do and then must decide plan for construction, any ideas?

Marge knows I have a Dutch vintage collection and
                                     surprised me with this adorable hot pad holder!                                                  
"Sister's Choice" blocks are done, all 30 of them!
                                                         And--- it all started with this block.        
                                                    I'm finished with my nine patches-- total of 100!
The swap is now closed but you can visit Barb's blog for her wonderful tutorial.
Finished 2 more Santa's

                                                       Fall is for baking Zucchini Coconut bread....
...a friend gave me some zucchini's --- and these loaves didn't last long! If you would like the recipe, I will email it to you. 
A change of season is approaching--- it's time to start decorating for fall.  
Hug's, Carolyn


  1. I was given a quilt frame a couple years ago. Not a vintage one like yours. How nice it is that you have it set up to use. I had mine set up for a while and never used it. Now it is in pieces and stored behind the sofa.

  2. You have been busy! Love the vintage hexagons and the quilt you have planned.

  3. I was just thinking about you earlier this morning! Hope you are doing well - you sure have been busy! Just love all of your projects!

  4. You may not have been blogging, but you have been busy! That looks similar to the type of frame my Mom uses to quilt. I am preparing to start a hand quilting project on a bed size quilt. Mine have been known to take a year or two!! : )
    What a fun quilt you will have from the Dresden blocks--great find!
    Love your Sister's Choice! That is on my bucket list.
    You always do such a beautiful job decorating for holidays and seasons. Love to see your ideas. : )

  5. You have had a very productive summer! Great quilts, love them! I like your blue and white bowl too! Happy Fall there!

  6. love your sisters choice inspired me to finish mine.also would love your zucchini recipe thank-you for sharing. judy

  7. You've been very busy. Love all your projects. Just gorgeous. The bread looks very yummy. Hugs,xx

  8. So many things to see in your post! All of them are gorgeous and so colorful. I love the dresden plate blocks - so cute! And your santas are adorable. I would love the zucchini bread recipe. I have a good one, but one with coconut sounds yummy. I have some zucchini in the frog and have been wanting to make some bread. Also love your fall decorations.

  9. I have a vintage quilt frame and love it. Unfortunately I have not set it up for many years. WOW have you been busy! Lovely browsing through your post again.

  10. You haven't had idle hands or fingers, that's for sure. I always love to see what you've been working on.

  11. Wow Carolyn, you have been a very busy girl. I love your quilt and you are going to get so much pleasure from hand quilting it. I love hand quilting, it is so relaxing:)

  12. Hello dear Carolyn, so nice to read and see again somethin (something.....?!) from you. I love that vintage quilt rack!! You are a lucky girl to get such rack! And I love that pad holder. It makes me feel happy. And also your Sisters choice, beautiful. You have been busy!! Love from me.

  13. You have been so busy! The quilt rack is wonderful! I had asked my Mom for the one she used years ago but when her house was sold when she went into a nursing home, I don't know what happened to the quilt rack. Hopefully one of my sisters got it. Your little Dresden's are so cute, can't wait to see them finished.

  14. Carolyn, I so enjoyed this post! :) What a lot of quilty fun you've got going on! The dresden plate blocks are gorgeous! And I *love* your fall quilt display! I made the hexi one, too -- gifted it to my mom! I love the four block quilt -- the embroideries in that one are just darling! Happy Fall, Y'all! :)

  15. Hello Carolyn, so enjoyed your your new old toy...I have a little Dutch display in my laundry.....Regards, O'faigh

  16. Afternoon Carolyn, I can see you are a beautiful quilter! I admire that!! My Grandmother quilted and I have 2 quilts she did...priceless to me! You said you came by Connie-Crafty Home Cottage...that girl is one of my favorites! I do not quilt but enjoy there beauty....I love to see how talented people are! Thanks for visiting and being a follower...I am your newest follower too! Blessings~~~Roxie


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