Beautiful Weather, Quilting and Pickles!

We have been sitting out on our Veranda and enjoying the beautiful weather!
 I  have been sewing table toppers. The pattern is titled "Charming Edges", designed by B's Caprice. 
 Very fun to make, especially if you want to use your scraps, we all have them, right?

And just for fun, I want to share a cute cartoon with you all. 

Hug's Carolyn 


  1. The table toppers are very cute, simple yet so pretty! Love the cartoon, too. Enjoy some lovely time on the veranda before it gets too hot!

  2. Love the table toppers. Very pretty. Thanks for the laugh, love that cartoon. Hugs,xx

  3. Hello Carolyn, looks like a great place to sit and stitch...
    What cute table toppers and such a fun cartoon...

  4. Sweet mats and cute cartoon. By your title, I thought you were making pickles already!

  5. Wish I could join you on the veranda and stitch to our heart's content.

  6. Oh, that looks like such a pleasant place to relax! And what happy table toppers.
    Cute cartoon. : )

  7. Hi Carolyn,
    So nice to see a post from you!!! Wish I could blink myself to your beautiful veranda with needle and thread!! Such sweet mats with pretty colors!!
    I'm sure husbands everywhere will appreciate that cartoon!!!
    Enjoy your day!
    Warm Hugs~

  8. What a nice place to sit and enjoy the weather. I love the fabrics of that colorful table topper.
    In an earlier post i saw your beautiful quilt for your bed!! Warm greetings from us!

  9. Those are cute table runners. I've never seen that pattern. What fun! I like the cartoon. My husband says that women are not allowed in the hardware stores without their husbands. "Do I go to your fabric store?" he says. HaHa, I go to the hardware store anyway!!!!


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