Scrappy quilt made by "Lucinda!"

I'm finished! I burned the midnight oil last night completing this little "Scrappy" quilt. I hand quilted it too! What do you think?

My little doll bed is from a garage sale---it has a few worn places and a little nick or two--but, I polished it up and I think it looks pretty good. I found a scrap of cotton eyelet and made a puffy bed skirt. Snappy huh?

I'm going to take a little nap-- ( in my new bed) I am a little tuckered out---but, I sure had fun!

Thank you for all your "sweet" comments you left me the last few days. You are the BEST!

Doll hugs, Lucinda

Don't forget to click on the picture for a close-up view!


  1. Both the doll and the quilt turned out so cute! And what a wonderful vignette. Thanks for sharing.

  2. It is all coming together for you, Lucinda!
    Love your penny rug!

  3. Both Lucinda AND her bed quilt turned out terrific! I love the darling little setting you created for them too!

  4. Well...heck yee-ow I like it. Very sweet!!

  5. Lucinda is just moving right in, next she will be redoing your bedroom - better watch out! I love the little quilt!!

  6. What a sweet little quilt Lucinda! Hug Carolyn for me!

  7. OH!!!! I have that little book with the thimble attached. My Mother gave it to me...isn't it a great little book!

  8. What a precious wee quilt. Love it.

  9. Lucinda is a busy little person and the setting
    is just toooooooooo sweet. Wouldn't it just be wonderful to live in her little world. All cozy
    and sweet! Love the dear quilt and all the surrounding's. Give Carolyn and hug from me. Donna says........PS: Love the button box.

  10. Miss Donna Jean, Thank you and every one who has left such sweet comments for me and Lucinda!

    For all of you the comment above (djgres),lives in Omaha, Nebraska and has been my dear friend, mentor and like a sister of 43 years. She and I have had wonderderful times together. We also can get into a little trouble (sometimes!)

    The little quilting book with the thimble,the flower covered button box that sewing machine is on top of and the eyelet fabric--- that the bed skirt was made out of all came from "Donna"---I was the lucky recipient for her discards some years ago and look who took over and now has them!--- She is in the picture obove---:(

    Thanks Donna---Love you, dear friend! Carolyn

  11. Such a lovely setting for Lucinda's story

  12. it is so cute! what marvelous and magical little fingers you have!
    And the colours are so happy!

  13. A lovely quilt for Lucinda Carolyn!! Bright and happy!

  14. Thank you for the nice comment on the kitty I stitched. :) You've got so many pretty things to look at here. I'm loving all the quilts I see, and this little one in this post, too cute! Love the rug too! Going to go check out some more!

  15. How sweet is the whole picture of the bed , doll and the rug.. What a great idea for the bed skirt... You are very clever... :)

  16. Carolyn - Its been awhile since I have visited your blog and it looks like all kinds of fun has been happening since I was here last!!! Lucinda is darling and quite the quilter!!! All the little furniture reminds me of the doll house my Mom made for me a million years ago when I was a kid!!!

  17. What has happened to ' Chester ' now that the
    tomatoe patch has been taken down, where did
    Chester go????????? And where will he go this
    coming winter when the snow falls? Donna says.

  18. Lucinda is great! Can I have her over here to help me, too? lol Your doll quilt looks just beautiful and very yummy :)))


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