Little Cottages

A little while back I made two little quilts with a dear friend-- using a pattern from the "Little Quilts All Throughout The House"--- quilting book. Written by, Alice Berg, Mary Ellen Von Holt and Sylvia Johnson. Carol and I fell in love with these "little cuties"---- and one cottage lead to the other and this is what we created.

For the door knobs we placed little buttons on the doors and used novelty caricature fabrics for the windows and some of the cottages doors. This was one of my most favorite projects that I have made and I hope you might like to create some cottages also, sometime---I know you will have as much fun creating them as we did. We also made a memory that day of laughter, creating and playing! (Don't forget to click on the picture for a close up view).

Hugs, Carolyn :)


  1. I have 3 Little quilts books, including that one. First I got Living with Little Quilts (I think at Half Price Books). I loved it so much that I looked for other books by Alice and Mary Ellen. I found Patriotic Little Quilts and Little Quilts throughout the House somewhere. I love looking through them and have used some of their ideas in my house. Love the idea of using a button for the door knob!

  2. Love the little houses! They make the cutest quilts! :0)

  3. Carolyn, I love house quilts. I don't know what it is about them, but I just love them. Yours are adorable. I always use buttons for doorknobs on mine, too.

  4. I love the doors and windows!! Well done - I feel a bit of inspiration coming on...!!

  5. I think I have that book. I am going to have to dig it out. Your project is adorable!

  6. These are just the most gorgeous cottages. I have actually ordered some lovely red checks and beige checks to make a small house quilt! I love your blocks! Ann ~ Australia.

  7. Your houses are so cute! I just love the little windows.

  8. Adorable little cottages! I loved peeking in each window. :) That's a very pretty pie in your last post too!

  9. Don't you just wonder who lives in those little
    houses, I do. Maybe that's why we love them so.
    Love the color's and the houses and the window's
    to peek into. Mighty good looking pie that was,
    and I'm sure it's gone by now. Donna says.

  10. It looks like you had fun making these cute little cottages. This has always been one of my favorite books in my quilting library...thanks for sharing...and have a great day!

  11. Those are just sooooo cute - love all the fun little things peeking out of the windows. I can imagine that you had a great time putting those little pieces together. :-) Carol

  12. finally back to reading some of my favorite blogs- what a crazy two weeks ++
    love your little "cottages"!! so sweet.Loved peeking in the windows :-)
    Oh,yes, I was very pleased to meet the darling Lucinda. Isn't she a dear.
    Have a wonderful weekend

  13. Your quilt is just darling!
    I love peeking into those adorable windows too.


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