Antiquing in Walnut, Iowa!

         A "fun" day antiquing with a friend!  
Vendors everywhere--- selling their treasures!
Beautiful vintage quilts!
 Below is the "Basket" quilt.

"Nine Patch"

Two color "Bow Tie" quilt

"Pin Wheel" quilt

Yo-Yo quilt

Traditional "Nine Patch" quilt 

Star and Log Cabin quilt
Marge found a fun toy telephone, helloooo!

I need to sit a spell, please!!!!!

Ready to go again!
More quilts and fun stuff!

Children's chairs and benches came from a music school in New York. The vendor would only sell them as a set------- boo! hoo!   :(
Vendors! More than 30,000 people attend this show each year. This event is always the third weekend in June. Walnut, Iowa, has 17 blocks of dealers outside and two indoor halls. 

More vendors!
Cute little vintage Dutch dolls ---they almost came home with me!

Getting close to the end of the day and ooooh--- this fainting couch looks good and comfortable.  Don't you agree? 

Loading up the car and going home---- to rest!

Thank you "Marge" for a fun filled day!

And now---- back to reality! This is what I will be working on a while- using my scraps for  these new projects.
Fons and Porter's Bubble Gum Double Nine Patch 

 Kathie Holland's---Weaving the Rails-- featured in the August American Patchwork & Quilting magazine. Visit her blog-- you will be inspired with all of her lovely projects!

Hope you are having a wonderful week.
Hugs, Carolyn

 P.S. I have baby tomatoes on some of the tomato plants the size of a quarter---hope they mature so I can make salsa!


  1. That looks like a great place to spend the day...if I only lived closer...

  2. Looks like you had a ball! All those quilts were so beautiful! And I love those kiddy bad you couldn't just get one or two! :o( I love that bubblegum 9-patch.....have been wanting to start that myself!

  3. Wow I could have spent some serious cash and went into debt at that antique fair...I'm sort of glad I don't live closer.

  4. Wow! I whish I could join you there! All quilts look so lovely, did you buy anything? Or did you get inspired? I did, I love the nine-patch quilt. Love from Margreet

  5. Thanks for sharing the tour. Love the antique quilts.

  6. Thanks for sharing the pics. The antique quilts were lovely. Hugs

  7. Oooh! All those quilts. What a treat that must have been to get to see them up close and personal. I can imagine that this annual antique sale must be something that people really look forward to.

  8. Wow, what a great antique show and great quilts!

    Looks like you have some great projects picked out and ready to go. Enjoy!

  9. Be still my heart! All of those beautiful quilts caused quite a flutter! And that craftsman style living room group--oh, boy, I think I was drooling over that one! Thanks for sharing these photos. That is an amazing show!
    I love Kathie's quilt! I bought that magazine and have all of my dark rails cut--I am making them a bit wider because when I finally get around to making it I need it to be large and I need it made quickly--I promised it to someone already. But I will someday have to make one just like hers. I love it!

  10. OMG, those quilts just speak to me!!! I wish I could have seen them in person, truly lovely all of them. Hey, I make my own salsa and the best recipe I have found is from the pioneer womans website. She has some great recipes, and the salsa is the BEST!

  11. Oh thank you for all the pictures! It does look like fun! And those quilts are so fun!

  12. Ohh., Caroline, I see so many nice quilts and other things! Wish I was ther also, the basket quilt, so nice, I always want to make a basket quilt, never done it, maybe it now the time for it.

    warm greetings, Jeannet

  13. You must have thought you were in Heaven!!!! I thought I was while enjoying your pictures!

  14. oooooooooooooooo, I LOVE antique hunting. Sometimes I cheat and buy new made stuf that really looks antique. But it is for a good cause; for my shop!! Take a peak at my blow and you can see what I mean.

  15. What an awesome event that was!
    I'm still drooling over all of those amazing quilts and antiquities! Thank you for sharing so many lovely pictures of your exciting day.

  16. Oh, I would love that show! Thanks for the pictures.

  17. What fun! Thanks for sharing this adventure. Inspiring to look even if we can't touch. :o)
    Love your new projects.

  18. Such fun!!!! Your new project is exciting.

  19. Goodies and more goodies in Walnut, IA. I could have spent a bundle if I'd been along with you. I spy a lot of tempting quilts, especially the basket quilt.
    You've lined up some intriguing projects. You're going to be a busy lady!

  20. What a fabulous day. Looks like you had beautiful weather too. Thanks for sharing the pictures of the quilts.

  21. Upon my word Carolyn...antiques, fabrics, and GORGEOUS old quilts still my heart! I fear a rest home would be in my future had I attended such a glorious Market. Thank you for sharing the temptations from a goodly distance.

    Fresh to-ma-toes...YUM! Enjoy munching your harvest!

    Most warmly,

  22. oh how I wish I could have been there you too! what great quilts you found
    Lots of inspiration here!!!!
    stay tuned you may see one of them on my blog!
    so what did you buy?

  23. What a fabulous market. There is nothing like it out my way. The quilts and furnishings are all so wonderful. I'd be bankrupt if I went.

  24. What a fabulous day. I am surprised that you had the energy to continue with your project (which is looking very cute, by the way!)
    Home grown tomatoes Mmmmmmm!

  25. OMG I am so jealous, I will be there next year. You must of had the most exciting time. What did you bring home?
    Love , loved the quilts.

  26. What a fun day! Wish I lived closer.

  27. 17 blocks of dealers? I could really get into trouble there!
    Thank you for the quilt photos...what great inspiration. I especially like that basket quilt with pink sashing. It looks relatively easy, for a basket quilt that is!


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