Little of this and a little of that!

Hello! I'm greeting you with a basket of flowers! 

Below is a Clematis blooming in our side garden.
Love these beautiful blooms!

I enjoyed participating in Christine's 2nd doll quilt swap. Thank you Christine for hosting this fun event! 
Lisa's doll quilt is in the mail. I also made her a needle keeper.

I used this wonderful handy tool guild a friend gave to me a few years ago- I have used it many times for making scrappy quilts. There are 102 traditional quilt blocks in 5 sizes, each with design details and construction diagrams.

I made this little doll quilt using the block tool and attached small yo-yo's on the inner border.

I have a thing for little toy sewing machines!  

These two were a surprise recently from my husband!

Below is a tumbler revisable table topper that I just finished. I was inspired by Kathie Holland when I visited her blog last week regarding her post on June 7th. I just had to make this fun quilt.  
Thank you Kathie!

I placed this cheaters panel on the reverse side of the quilt.. 

"Father's Day"
The men in our lives are always there with a shoulder to lean on and a steady love that is too often taken for granted. Once each year, on the third Sunday in June, there is a chance to remind fathers and the men who step in when fathers are not available, that all of their quiet efforts are appreciated. To my best friend and the father of our sons "Happy Father's Day"!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Hugs, Carolyn 


  1. Such charming little quilts! You are tempting me to get back to a few of my own.
    Love your stitched family. What a cute idea.

  2. A delightful post! Your garden looks great! Our clematis isn't blooming yet but it will be the same color. I also collect toy sewing the little Singers. Your doll quilt is WONDERFUL!

  3. Thanks for another fun post! Your gardens are beautiful, the little sewing machines are adorable and I love your little quilts!

  4. Great little quilts...I am sure Lisa will love hers! Clematis is one of my favorite flowers, so thanks for sharing the photo. Darling little sewing machines...very thoughtful man!

  5. love these little quilts and oh yes isn't it fun to put cheater cloths on the back!
    I thinking collecting those sewing machines is just so fun, something I want to do too.
    Love the pictures of your garden...

  6. Gardens, quilts and collectables--you are speaking right to me! Love your little quilts!

  7. Your yard is beautiful! And, of course, I love little quilts, too. What fun! Your family picture is adorable! Good idea!

  8. How envious I am of your lovely yard. Our two clematis plants have plenty of foliage but no blooms yet.
    Your stitched family picture is sweet. Are the various items being held or the hair styles specific to those family members, or just random?

  9. " my best friend, and the father of our sons..."
    He is a lucky Man!!!

    May your baskets of flowers bloom all year and
    have a wonderful weekend.

  10. I love your garden and oh my the Doll quilts are so beautiful I love them all.

  11. The yo-yo's make the doll quilt extra special. I wish I liked to make yo-yo's.

  12. Your garden is so lush and lovely! Love the gorgeous clematis. The quilts for the dollies are wonderful - a fun size to make and a great way to try out different patterns and color schemes. How sweet of your husband to add to your toy sewing machine collection - those look like little gems. Fun post and pictures, Carolyn!

  13. Your garden is sooooo beautiful and inviting, Carolyn ! Gorgeous little quilts, too and I absolutely LOVE that cute framed family picture ;>)
    THANKS for this lovely post.

  14. Love the pics of your garden...I know you must enjoy it! and the little quilts are adorable, love the yo-yos and the cheater cloth, great ideas. Have a lovely weekend, I woke up to the sound of I don't have to water tonight! Glad I was able to work in the new flower beds on Wednesday.

  15. Oh Carolyn, I love the doll-size quilts. And the sewing machines are so very precious... particularly when received as a gift. A treasure surely! If truth be told, I fancy anything that is "little," it is one of my (many) weaknesses.

    Thank you for sharing photographs of your gardens. They are absolutely breathtaking!

    Sending fond hugs...

  16. Oh your little quilts are so cute! Isn't kathie dangerous! Always makes me want to make one more thing!

  17. Your gardens look so fresh and pretty. It is 102 degrees as I post this and things are pretty much drying out here. It's a treat to see your photographs.

  18. Carolyn, weldone! There are so many lovely things you made ...congratulations! Greetings from Bruges Carine

  19. Just love that doll quilt with the yo-yo''s so sweet! And I was browsing your blog.....your gardens are fabulous....and great pics! Loved the pics of your mom and grandma in the garden.....wonderful!

  20. Lovely little quilts and beautiful garden photos! I can't believe the weeds this year. Soon as I finish weeding all the beds, I have to start all over again. :(


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