From our garden ....
" Chester"
" Jim Bob"
Both will be taking a long winters nap-in storage!

This is my favorite time of the year, our fall Clemantis is in full bloom- it's putting on quite a show right now. I would like to think it's aware of our impending move and is gifting us with this splended display one last time.

Our Anemone, also known as windflowers, is showing off too!
This is a start of our new home. For now we will watch with antisapation and excitment as we wait till February to move in.

This is a picture of my sewing room corner.
I won't be posting for awhile---as we will be organizing and setting up in the apartment.

Be back in a week or two!
Hugs, Carolyn


  1. Oh what an exciting time for you...
    Great place for your sewing room.
    I am delighted Chester and Jim Bob coming along with you...
    Looking forward to seeing them later in their new home...

  2. Happy moving!! You will move into your new house in no time :)))

  3. I love new construction, the smell of the wood shavings, the buzz of saws, and walls which are taking the shape of new rooms, expecially a new sewing room!

    I had to cut my fall clematis away; it was taking over everything! But it hasn't given up; it keeps putting up shoots and I keep pulling them off. :)

  4. I get all emotional and nostalgic over major changes like this (good thing I don't do it often). Hope you have a smooth transition settling in and we'll look forward to hearing from you soon. : )

  5. Happy moving, see you when you return!

  6. Hope all continues along positively and you get settled in soon. Keep us updated when you can.

  7. I am excited for you ! A brand new home and your sewing room looks great ;-)

    This is a very exciting time for you enjoy!

  8. Exciting times ahead...building a new home. You seem to have planned well for the sewing room...look forward to seeing much more of it.

  9. Poor Chester and Jim Bob! They are forced to have a 'Wintersleep'.
    I like your sewing room corner haha. Much air ... But I think you can imagine yourself sitting there and enjoying be busy with sewing. Have a good time Carolyn and receive my warm love.

  10. Best of luck with the move! I hope the weather is nice and cool for the day you set up in the new apartment. Hope to see you soon...

  11. Love your garden critters - they must add a lot of interest to your yard - fun!

  12. Lots of luck, Carolyn! And I hope your house is soon ready!
    Thake care and I hope we seen you soon back on the blog!
    Hugs, Hennie

  13. How nice to see that big window in your sewing room. I'll enjoy watching your new home come together. Take care.

  14. Looking good! Best wishes on the apartment. Fun times setting up a new sewing space.

  15. lovely to discover your blog via your comment on mine.
    jim bob is so fun~!!~
    looks like it's a busy and exciting time for you and i hope all goes well.


  16. What an exciting time for you, Carolyn. Lots and lots of hard work but well worth it in the end. Don't work too hard and enjoy watching your new home being completed.

  17. Hope your moving goes well! Looks like you will have some nice big windows in your new home. Are you going to be able to take some cuttings of your beautiful plants to the new home with you? Get settled in and we will be waiting to hear all about it!


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