Finally, a day of rest!

I have a happy heart! 

Because the......

is over!
this is what was left!

Moving on----this is my new sewing spot in the apartment and ready for creating new projects!


This is our kitchen...small but very efficient!


This is what we have moved so far...... 
Two chairs and a table. 

The moving company will bring the other things on the 14th!
Then in Febuary our new home.
 For now, we will have a restful day with family and hope you all are having the same!!
Hugs, Carolyn


  1. I am not surprised that you had a successful garage sale. You had very nice things for sale. =) I wish we could have come to see for ourselves, but i couldn't be tempted. Property taxes are due this month. Boo and hoo...

  2. Glad to hear that yhe garage sale was a success and is now behind you.
    It looks like the most important stuff is moved into the apt. Your sewing machine!

  3. Your new apartment looks nice! I'm sure it will be fine for a few months! :0)

  4. I am happy your sale is over and you are getting ready to get settled in to your apartment! It won't be long before you will be in your wonderful new home!
    Blessings and hugs to you:)

  5. I am delighted to hear that your tag sale is only a memory...and your sewing machine is in place! Perfection surely!
    Your new (albeit temporary) apartment is lovely. And with cherished furnishings on the way, it shall be cozy as ever.
    Wishing you a restful day Carolyn!
    Hugs to you my friend...
    Judy xo

  6. You did good! A small kitchen can be very nice and saves steps with everything within easier reach.

  7. Glad the garage sale was a success! Enjoy your day with family. Your apartment looks like a comfy way station on the way to your new home!

  8. Happy to hear the sale is over and looks like it was a big success! Have a fun day!!

  9. You are living in your 'old' home till the 14th? Then move everything. Isn't it difficult to say 'good bye' to that beloved place?
    But I am sure you make yourself feel at home in the temporary and the coming one. You will create a warm and comfortable atmosphere in there. Lots of love!

  10. Looks like you did very well at your Garage sell and that you are getting ready to settle into your apartment. Your sewing machine looks look great in your new sewing room Happy Labor Day with your family

  11. Looks like you had a great sale. I've never seen so little left.
    You will make that apartment cozy while you are there, I am sure.

  12. You accomplished a GREAT deal in a short amount of time. So happy your sale was a success! Enjoy the day today!

    xx Helen

  13. Glad your sale was a big success. Enjoy the visit with your family!

  14. I'm glad you had a successful sale! That must be a huge relief. Now sit back a relax a bit. Oh - and get some stitching done!!

  15. How exciting! A new home! Looking forward to some of those projects which will come from your sewing room.

  16. Glad to see that the sewing machine is set up and ready to go. Rest up and enjoy the family!

  17. For an apartment, that is a great kitchen! Maybe not much floorspace but a wonderful group of cabinets and cupboards!
    Hope you are getting rested up.
    Nice that you have a good sewing space.

  18. Congrats on a successful garage sale!! We waited several months until all our stuff was in our new place. We picked up what fit in our truck, while down in San Diego for my hubs VA appts.

    Thanks for stopping by and following. I look forward to seeing many wonderful projects from you.
    blessings, jill

  19. You did really well with your garage sale Carolyn and I am sure you will be comfortable in the apartment till you can move into your new home......

  20. Glad the sale is behind you and that it was a successful one. I'm glad to see you have your sewing space set up. Hopefully the weather will be all clear for your move in February.

  21. Hi Carolyn,
    My goodness me! I am so behind as I didn't even realize you had moved!!! Where have I been?? So happy that is all behind you and now you can look forward to the future!! I'm happy to see you have your sewing machine of the most important items to have unpacked first!!
    Take care and enjoy your well deserved rest!!

  22. What more does one need than a sewing machine and fabric?! Nice Bernina - which one do you have? I have a 430.

  23. Great yard sale. Good to have your sewing space all set up and ready to sew. Hope you enjoy this temporary space while waiting for your new home. Congratulations and best wishes for your future.

  24. So glad that it went well and is over!! Do relax!!


  25. We spent 5 months in an apt while our house was being built. Even though it was so much smaller than the house we had been in, I just really enjoyed it. When ever we pass by the apt building we say fondly, that's were we lived. That's were we had to walk the dogs in the rain. We have fond memories. I hope you will too! I unpacked and decorated it all in a weekend - cause I wanted it to feel like home right away. I see you have your little spot with your machine, so it's looking good for you!


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