Here comes Peter Cottontail!

 It's that time of the year! Birds chirping, bunnies hopping, bushes and trees are starting to bud and the grass is staring to turn green!
It's spring inside, too!  

 Lori of Humble Quilts hosted a doll quilt swap a month ago. Our instructions were: 24" X 24" or smaller Civil War reproduction with label.
 Cathy made me this adorable quilt. She found the pattern from  Kathy Tracy's doll quilt book: 
My exchange partner was Randy of Barrister's Block .
This is the little doll quilt I made for her, using my handy "Quick & Easy Block Tool" from
C&T Publishing. Each block measures 4 square inches.

And of course--- Miss Abbie...wishes you
"Happy Easter!"
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  1. You always do such fun decorating! : )
    You made a beautiful little doll quilt in blues--great job!
    That is a cute quilt was made for you. I enjoy seeing what everyone made and received.

  2. Wonderful post as always! Love your quilts. Miss Abbie is lovely! On Facebook there is a cat named Venus with many followers. She has one green eye and one blue eye and similar markings. Many people post photos of these wonderful cats with such beautiful split color face markings,

    Wishing you a happy Easter! believe it or not, we have snow on the ground in CT this morning. Still not spring here...

  3. Darling little quilt! Aren't little quilts the best?! Much easier to complete! My goal this year is to make them smaller! Lol

  4. Love seeing all the pretty things you use to decorate your home! The furry one is especially adorable. Hope you have a lovely Easter! Hugs, Carol

  5. Such cute decorations, Carolyn! And wonderful quilts! I didn't participate in Lori's swap, but am enjoying seeing what you all put together!

  6. Your Easter decorations are so cute and fun! The doll quilts are wonderful, too. I have to post about mine soon. Happy Easter!

  7. First: Hello Miss Abbie. thank you for your Easter wishes and I wish you and your family the same!!
    So cute Carolyn, those doll quilts. A nice swap!
    And yes, it's true, when outside there is spring, then also inside, in the heart and home there is spring!! Lots of love.

  8. Sweet quilts! And Miss Abbie stole my heart! Happy Easter!

  9. Beautiful little dolls quilts from the exchange!
    Wishing you (and Abbie) a very Happy Easter!

  10. Your doll quilts, both the one received and given, are super cute. It looks like it was a very successful exchange. Happy Easter.

  11. Happy Easter to you and Miss Abbie! The doll quilts are so sweet.

  12. I don't know a quick an easy block tool is but ovbiously works well. Nice seeing what you received and made in the doll quilt exchange.

  13. Sweet quilts! I received my quilt, which you can see on my blog and I sent mine off, but haven't posted it yet. What fun!

  14. If you've already got green grass you are way ahead of us in WNY. I'm jealous! We are still gray and browns here :(

    Abbie is such a gorgeous cat - my trio wish her a belated Hoppy Easter!

  15. felicidades!!!
    son preciosos los dos


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