A Little of This and That !

"Iowa" weather has been beautiful and we have been enjoying sitting on our veranda. The "Hummingbirds" are starting to arrive--- so much fun to watch!
I have been involved with a few 2020 swaps. Received this darling doll quilt made by
 Lora Congdon.  As you see, my little Dutch Doll (Marka) claimed it right away!
In exchange, I made this little (snowball) quilt for Lora.
Wendy Montreuil. Check out her lovely blog!  http://ravenwoodwhimzies.blogspot.com  Wendy created this darling bird pin cushion for me and-----
I created this pin cushion for Wendy. What a fun swap!!
I have been rearranging my shelves on my pie safe in my sewing room--- also did some dusting!
Kathy Tracy (Doll Quilt designer and author of many small quilt books) hosted
 a spring 2020 Doll Quilt Swap. My partner was Sharon Browne.
Sharon made a pin cushion and needle keeper for me. They will be put to good use!!
I made this little doll quilt with a few extras for Sharon. These are her favorite colors.

Gene and I went to the strawberry farm and bought  these wonderful juicy berries. We had a special treat when we arrived home!

So--- today I made Strawberry jam.
It cooked....
.....and cooked
Here is the results...ta-da!!
Now, for a PB & strawberry jam sandwich!
This is the recipe. 

In closing dear friends

Hope all is good with you and your family!


  1. Always good to see pictures of what you have been working on! The strawberry jam looks yummy!

  2. I think one-on-one swaps are so much fun. You have made and received some beautiful things!
    I chuckled about dusting the sewing room. What a concept! Maybe I will try it one day. :)
    The berries look so delicious, and I really like that closing quotation.

  3. I love fresh strawberry jam--havent made any in years--!! So I will just have to pop in and visit you!!!
    didn't realize you still had a blog site--good for you--
    My Hitty made it to Florida, back to NY and then now back here to Fl again--
    she was a good girl on all the trips!!!
    I did a couple swaps a few years ago but always was on the 'short' end of an exchange--
    though one gift I got was a nice cloth quilted bag (we were suppose to send 3 gifts--only got the one from her)but--I use that bag for a knitting bag so I have gotten alot of use out it--it holds the baby sweaters I knit for charity--so am grateful for that gift!
    luv, di

  4. Loved your blog....our lives are so fun. We are truly blessed. Enjoy your creativity and being creative. And I agree....dusting the sewing room!! God bless you my friend!! 😘😘

  5. Great to see you pop up on blogger...
    You've been in many lovely swaps and your fresh strawberry jam looks yummy.

  6. You sure have been busy! Nice to see what you have been up to!

  7. Good to see a post from you. My favorite items in your post are the pincushions. Both the one Wendy made for you and vice versa. Very prim in style.

  8. I would like those hummingbirds were here also! They are so noce to look at.
    I love those pincushions and your bench!
    Receive our love!

  9. Hi Carolyn,
    So nice seeing a post from you!! I am a bit late here but just trying to play "catch up" and see what all my blogger friends are up to!!! Love seeing all your sweet little quilts and the swaps and goodies from friends!! Everything looks so nice and love how your little dolly took over the new quilt!! Just like our grand dog Charlotte, who thinks every new blanket is hers!!! lol
    The jam looks so delicious and I know you will be enjoying that for some time!!!
    All is well here and glad to know you are keeping well, too!!!
    Take care my friend!!
    Heart Hugs~
    Julie xo

  10. I enjoyed your post Carolyn. Love your little dutch doll, I have one tucked away given to me from my aunt.


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